AI 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera

Experience the All-round and Powerful Functions

2/5/8MP · AI · 12X Optical Zoom · 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro · 1/1.8" STARVIS Starlight Sensor · 0.001Lux Ultra Low-light · 100fps · IP67 · IK10 · Smart IR II · 180m IR Distance · PoE

AI Heat Map PoE H.265+ ONVIF
SD Card Smart IR II Weather-
Starlight Super WDR Privacy
Milesight AI Radar LPR Pro Bullet Plus network camera
Milesight AI AF Motorized Pro Bullet Plus network camera
Milesight AI AF Motorized Pro Bullet Plus network camera
Milesight AI AF Motorized Pro Bullet Plus network camera

AI Video Analytics

Powered by advanced AI engine, Milesight new generation video analytics boasts with higher accuracy via a pre-trained deep learning model and continuously training to algorithms automatically. Milesight cameras can intelligently filter objects to focus on human and vehicle detection, together with multiple event rules including region entrance, object removed, loitering, etc., to meet diverse scenarios for building a smarter and safer world.

AI vca

People Counting

Milesight People Counting Technology provides high accuracy and real-time data based on AI algorithm, with statistic reports for further analysis. It is a reliable and efficient way to understand the flow movement and make fast decision on security management. By analyzing the data and trend, you can also identify the peak of occupancy and increase the operational efficiency of the business.

AI people counting

Face Detection

The intelligent Face Detection brings security surveillance to a new level. Milesight AI Camera Series detects human faces in the monitoring scene and captures the snapshots. This function greatly enhances the monitoring efficiency by screening out the useful facial information. With the snapshots, the people in concern can be quickly located, which benefits the large population related industries such as public security, access control and business management.

AI face detection

Advanced Heat Map

With scenario-adaptable and flexible configurations, Milesight Advanced Heat Map is embedded into the AI series(except PTZ series) which can analyze customers' movement to reveal insights for better business management with the intuitive and accurate statistical analysis results in time or space pattern as needed.

Heat Map

Leading-edge H.265+ Compression


4X/12X Optical Zoom

The 4X/12X Optical Zoom can zoom in to distant objects while still maintaining the clarity, delivering high quality video over the entire image.

12X Optical Zoom

3 in 1 Super WDR Pro - 140dB

Milesight upgraded 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro outputs three frames each line, which is able to bring more details especially moving subjects. What’s more, it greatly improves image quality for reducing smear and noisy points. The ratio that the brightest light signal values divided by the darkest light signal values is up to 140dB.


100fps High Frame Rate

With the industry leading frame rate reaching 100fps, Milesight Network Camera can easily catch images with no latency despite of the high-speed movement.

AI high frame rate

Smart IR II Technology

The IR LEDs technology has been upgraded to provide videos with a viewing range of up to 180m. Four LEDs on the top work as High Beam, while the other two on the bottom as Low Beam for better image clarity and quality regardless of the object distance. Also, the Low Beam and High Beam’s brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically on the basis of the zoom ratio.

smart IR bullet camera

1/1.8" STARVIS Starlight Sensor

Adopting the top-notch Sony STARVIS Starlight Sensor, Milesight Network Camera improves every aspect of image quality. The high sensitive sensor allows the camera to achieve excellent video quality in 4K with better low-light sensitivity.

Starlight Sensor AI dome

4K Video Viewing Experience

Milesight AI 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera delivers up to 4K resolution (3840*2160, effectively four times that of Full HD) at 30 frames per second (fps), providing users with ultra-high-definition video viewing experience.

4k AI dome


Sharply contrasting to the mini size, the AI 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera features the industry leading IP67-rated weather proofing and IK10-rated vandal proofing, which allow to protect the camera against adverse impacts to ensure the robust performance.

IP67 IK10 bullet camera

Integrated Cable Management Bracket

In the base, there are power interface, PoE port and other interfaces. Thanks to integrated cable management, it takes no effort in installation.


Integrated Junction Box

A: The creative clamshell design minimizes the installation troubles and enlarges the space to make cable connection a piece of cake.
B: The round design of the junction box conceals the cables inside, making it look more neat and clear.

bullet camera junction box

SIP/VoIP Support

Milesight AI 4X/12X Pro Bullet Plus Network Camera features industry leading SIP/VoIP function and video streaming for mobile phones and video phones.

SIP camrea

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Milesight Network Camera User Manual.pdf


Milesight Network Camera Quick Start Guide.pdf

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