Unmatched 5G Speed, Like No One Before

Super fast download and uplink speed make your experience exceed expectations.

2.5 Gbps

Theoretical Peak Download
Speed for 5G


Ultra High
Definition Video


of Latency Streaming



Ultrasimple Wireless, Work from Anywhere

Cover any space with stronger signals.

Milesight 5g ultra suite

Scalable IoT Technology, Everything in Connection

Connect more devices to deliver more messages.

Genius AI Deep Learning, Seeing and Understanding

Empower AI to make the most of information and turn data into actionable insights.

Welcome to Explore 5G AIoT Suite.

5G will redefine video surveillance and the wider physical security industry, coming into its own by leveraging AI-based solutions such as remote management, face attribute recognition, intelligent image processing and even behaviour detection, while empowering massive connectivity of Internet of Things devices, bringing more innovative possibilities for the future.

Milesight combines three technologies, 5G, AI and IoT, launching 5G Ultra Suite, including 5G AIoT Camera, 5G CPE, Ultra Series UR75 5G Industrial Router, to accelerate the arrival of an intelligent world.

Milesight 5g aiot camera

5G AIoT Camera

Built-in 5G Module

AI Deep Learning


4K Video Viewing

3 in 1 Super WDR Pro-140dB

100fps High Frame Rate

Smart IR II

1/1.8" STARVIS Starlight Sensor

0.002Lux Ultra Low Light

4X/12X Optical Zoom

Versatile Interfaces

Integrated Junction Box

IP67 & 4KV

3-axis Mechanical Design


Qualcomm Quad-Core Processor

NSA & SA Modes

5G NR Sub-6 GHz

2.5 Gbps Downlink


8 GB Flash Memory

IP67 Rating

Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Built-in Omni Antenna

4 × 4 MIMO

Milesight 5g cpe
Milesight Ultra Series UR75 5G Industrial Router

Ultra Series UR75 5G Industrial Router

Qualcomm Quad-Core Processor

5G NSA & SA Modes

1.733 Gbps Downlink


8G Flash Memory

Rich Interfaces

Dual SIM 

Remote Management

Dual-Band MU-MIMO Wi-Fi


Milesight Smart City Solution

Smart City

Milesight Smart Artich Solution

Smart Agriculture

Milesight Smart Health Solution

Smart Healthcare

Milesight Smart Mining Solution

Smart Mining

Milesight Inspection Solution

Inspection Robots

Milesight Industrial Solution

Industrial Automation

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