Milesight Smart Tools

Unified Management & Batch Settings for Milesight Devices

OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/Server 2008

milesight Smart Tools
Milesight Smart Tools


Milesight Smart Tools is a powerful assisting software which can automatically find Milesight network cameras and NVRs connected in the LAN. It provides you a quick way to batch modifying devices’ settings and complete firmware upgrade. Also, It can be used for calculating the matching number of cameras, NVRs and disk spaces.

Camera Management

IPC Tools interface of Milesight Smart Tools,IP Camera Finder

IPC Tools can automatically search and filter network cameras in LAN. It will provide preview of the selected cameras and can configure the video and image parameters and the network parameters of searched cameras in bulk. Besides, it is capable of batch upgrading devices.

NVR Tools interface of Milesight Smart Tools, NVR Management

NVR Management

NVR Tools is used for batch filtering and managing NVR in LAN, including editing the network parameter and checking the connection status of network cameras connected to the NVR

Quick Calculation

Calculators interface of Milesight Smart Tools

Calculators can provide a data reference for customers according to their needs, for example, calculating how many network cameras are needed. This function is capable of calculating what capacity of hard drive is needed or how many days will the camera record according to certain parameters.

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